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reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering

Defense Equipment Support

Solutions for Electronic Military and Aerospace Systems

Supporting Ground-based, Airborne and Shipboard Systems and Sub-Systems

Ensil is a supplier of equipment and technical solutions for Military Communications, Command & Control and Electronic Warfare systems. The market dynamics of mergers and acquisitions has resulted in OEM engineering and technical data no longer being available.
Various branches of government and other logistic defence firms relay on Ensil's experience and expertise extensively for solutions to this dilemma to maintain and extend the operational use of these platforms longer in service.
Ensil provides circuit board repair and rework of a wide range of military equipment. For more information please check the List of Defense Equipment supported by Ensil.
If an asset is available and there is no technical documentation available, Ensil’s engineering team can develop the drawings and ATP’s required to repair the asset and provide new builds compatible to the original specifications. With Ensil's in-house electronics test capabilities, Ensil can subject these repairs to various testing conditions including altitude, temperature, vibration sensitivity and humidity conditions to insure that the unit under test will operate under demanding conditions.

Unique Capability

Ensil’s Military Reverse Engineering capabilities provide high levels of support for obsolete, legacy, discontinued, and hard to find electronic components, and for components with misplaced or destroyed documentation. Our engineers are experts in extending component life cycles.

reverse engineering

Vision Statement

To excel for a distinct technological edge for the North American defence industry.

Mission Statement

To be a technology solution provider for an effective materiel management for dominance of the U.S. and Allied Forces.

We repair, perform maintenance and refurbish the following platforms:

  • MILSTAR and Defense satellite communication systems
  • Single channel ground to air radio systems
  • Space communication systems
  • Multi-level information security systems
  • Enhanced positioning location reporting systems
  • NAVSTAR global positioning systems
  • Integrated family of test equipment
  • Joint surveillance target attack radar systems
  • Advanced field artillery tactical data systems
  • All source analysis systems

Samples of Reverse Engineering projects performed by Ensil

electronic military electronic warfare?Aerospace Systems military equipment reverse engineering

Keep in Touch

Ensil Technical Services Inc.

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Fax: 1-800-565-5329
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Ensil Inc.

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