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Ensil Electronic FAQ

Electronic FAQ


  • 1. Why should we use Ensil for our repair, rework and manufacturing needs?

    Ensil Inc. in Canada and Ensil Technical Services Inc. in USA are the members of Ensil Group of Companies With nearly 30 years of experience these companies have all the technical expertise and resources to be the support and a technical partner for your organization. At Ensil we have a proud history of engineering, scientific and innovations in the fields of Aerospace, Defense, Telecom and Medical industries. Ensil Group of Companies are involved in the communities that they serve. At Ensil we strive not to just meet the goals and objective of customers but to exceed their expectations.
  • 2. How do I send our products for repairs or rework to Ensil?

    Just pack and ship your product to us (it is preferable that you insure the product with your preferred courier for its replacement value). Please include with the product the failure report or a description of what the fault is or any other information that you think might help our technicians to quickly diagnose and repair your electronic item. The more information you provide the quicker the diagnosis and repair would be and the quicker and less it would cost to get your items repaired and sent back to you.
  • 3. How long will it take to get my item repaired and sent back to me?

    Most repairs are completed in 2 to 4 business days, as soon as items are received at Ensil provided parts are available in our inventory.
  • 4. How much will it cost to repair our circuit board?

    You will receive a free estimate after we evaluate your circuit board or electronic device. By providing job-specific pricing we can offer our customers the best pricing. Most circuits repairs can be completed for less than 50% of the cost to buy a new item.
  • 5. What are standard and rush turnaround times?

    Standard repair turnaround time is 2 to 4 business days and rush repair service is same day provided parts are available in our inventory.
  • 6. What is Ensil’s free estimate?

    Our technicians physically review each item or circuit board sent to Ensil for a free evaluation. They will look for obvious evidence of damage as well as known common faults for that particular item, for signs of previous repair attempts and past record of repair history. Our technical staff will not do a complete component by component test during the free evaluation process. Our customers tell us they like the fact that we offer free evaluations and that their repair prices are based only on an estimated repair cost. Our final repair cost will never exceed the estimated repair charge.
  • 7. What is Ensil’s Shipping Policy?

    Our customers are responsible for shipping both to and from Ensil. You select the carrier and method you prefer. UPS, Federal Express, and DHL International are the most common carriers that we have found to be reliable. Your account number can be used for return shipping if requested.
  • 8. What happens if the repair does not work (what is the warranty policy)?

    Your satisfaction is our commitment. If your item or circuit board has been repaired and does not work when it is reinstalled, please call our customer service team at 1-800-265-0009. We can assist with any installation questions. If it is determined that the unit needs warranty repair services, send the unit back to us with the copy of our work order or invoice along with a note explaining the nature of the problem, and contact information. All Ensil repairs are covered by our warranty.

  • 9. Can I talk to a tech?

    Our techs are working very hard testing and repairing printed circuit boards and electronic devices. If you are not getting the answers you need from your customer service representative, we can gladly put a technician on the phone to help with your questions. Our customer service representatives have varying levels of technical knowledge and they will try to help. For your convenience you can even contact our customer service by Skype at
  • 10. How do I approve an estimate?

    You will receive an estimate by fax or email. Print and review this estimate and simply sign to authorize us to do the work and fax it back to 800-265-0009. If you use Purchase Order numbers, please include that as well. We will contact you after receipt to coordinate payment and the repairs.
  • 11. How can I check the status of my repairs?

    Please call our customer service team at 800-265-0009 any time from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm Eastern Time. Or you can email us at as well. We are standing by to help you.
  • 12. What are the payment options?

    Orders can be prepaid with a major credit card, wire transfer, or a company check. Many of our customers and most first time customers use the credit card payment option. Net terms can sometimes be set up for subsequent orders by checking in with our credit office. All international sales are by wire transfer only.
  • 13. Does Ensil sell parts and components?

    Yes! Ensil is your best resource when it comes to electronic parts and components sales. We can source, supply, and sell even the most hard to find parts.
  • 14. Does Ensil sell new or used equipment?

    No we do not sell any products unless our customers request which in that case as a service to our customers Ensil will source the required equipment for our customers. Ensil is an electronic equipment repair, rework, test, inspection, small lot assembly and R&D company, we do not sell products.
  • 15. How does Ensil protect our intellectual properties?

    Ensil Technical Services Inc. in US is registered with ITAR and Ensil Canada in Canada is registered with CGP.
  • 16. Can Ensil provide repair and technical services both from US and Canada?

    Ensil operates from both Canada and USA and has electronics repair and technical facilities in both countries.
  • 17. Can Ensil provide warehousing and logistic services for our electronics products?

    Yes. Presently Ensil is providing warehousing and logistic services for several manufacturers.
  • 18. What design software and design languages does Ensil use?

    Ensil uses a few different software for design and development purposes such as: 1. ADS (Advanced Design System): RF/Microwave circuit simulation & design. 2. Altium Designer for PCB Design. 3. AutoCAD for Mechanical Design, and the language for FPGA design: VHDL
  • 19. You mention IPC standards, what is IPC?

    IPC promotes repair, rework, manufacturing, tests procedures and guidelines for electronic printed circuit boards. For more information please visit:
  • 20. Does Ensil carry a large inventory of parts for repairs or orders parts whenever needs one?

    Ensil warehouses well over 1.3 million electronic parts in its inventory and constantly updates this based on the needs and the future trends of repairs, reworks test, inspection, research, development and its small lot manufacturing and assembly services.
  • 21. Does Ensil copy or decompile software embedded on the circuit boards or the programmable ICs on PCBs?

    Ensil respects and abides by the copyright laws and the rights of the intellectual property holders and as such would not copy or decompile the software or codes embedded on the integrated chips or contained in the systems or circuit boards sent in for repair unless customer or the trade mark holder would authorize Ensil to copy or decompile the codes which this authorization needs to be in writing and kept on file.
  • 22. Is Ensil registered with ITAR or the Canadian Controlled Goods Registration?

    Yes. Ensil Technical Services is registered with Department of State for ITAR and Ensil Canada is registered with Canadian Government for Controlled Goods Registration
  • 23. What is Ensil’s confidentiality policy?

    As a prime defense contractor, Ensil has implemented a very strict security and confidentiality procedure, process and control which is documented and has been reviewed and approved by government agencies. When it comes to security and confidentiality of intellectual properties in nearly 30 years Ensil has never had a breach and has never been sanctioned by any government agencies both in Canada or USA. It is a general business practice for Ensil to sign NDA provided by our customers.
  • 24. Is Ensil ISO 9001 registered?

    Yes. Ensil’s Quality Management System confirms to ISO 9001-2008 standards.
  • 25. Can you give me a complete list of all the platforms that Ensil can repair, manufacture, reverse engineer or perform design services on?

    Yes. The list is a long one but to get an idea, Ensil has repaired, tested, and has done reverse engineering and retrofitted circuit boards and assemblies from the following systems:

    • - Sentinel Radar
    • - SINCGARS
    • - Tactical and Communication Radios
    • - Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) Transponder
    • - Military communication systems
    • - Military ECM device
    • - Electronic warfare system
    • - AEW&C (Airborne Early Warning and Control System)
    • - SATCOM
    • - Navy Radar Systems
    • - Submarine Sonar
    • - Sea Sparrow Missile
    • - Monopoles Radar
    • - Infrared Seeker
    • - Flight Line Test Sets
    • - FOF missiles
    • - LRU (line-replaceable unit)
    • - DMSMS
    • - Telemetry
    • - Fire Control
    • - Industrial Robotics
    • - Logistics support services
    • - Reverse Engineering on the obsolescent circuit boards and assemblies

    For more information please visit List of ?Defense Equipment repaired and supported by Ensil.

  • 26. What Defense and Aerospace platforms or equipment do you repair or diagnose?

    Ensil provides repair and rework for the following military platforms and equipment:
    • ?
    • - Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AEW&C)
    • - Aircraft on ground
    • - Amplifier
    • - AN/APX-101, AN/APX-109, AN/APX-111, AN/APX-114
    • - APX-100, APX-101, APX-64, APX-72, APX-76
    • - Backplane
    • - Circuit board and assemblies prototyping
    • - Countermeasures
    • - Couplers
    • - Defence satellite communications systems
    • - Demodulators
    • - DMSMS (Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages)
    • - Duplexer
    • - ECM (electronic countermeasure)
    • - Electronic warfare
    • - Exciter
    • - Filter mixer
    • - Fire control
    • - Firefinder
    • - Firefinder radar
    • - Flight indicators
    • - FOF missiles
    • - FPS-117
    • - GPS
    • - Ground support
    • - Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) Transponder
    • - Infrared Seeker
    • - Interrogator
    • - KY-532, KY-533
    • - Legacy sustainment
    • - LRU (line-replaceable unit)
    • - Magnetron
    • - Matrix assembly
    • - Microwave
    • - Military ECM devices
    • - Monopulse beam control
    • - Monopulse radar
    • - Multiplexer
    • - Navigation systems
    • - Navy communication systems
    • - Navy electronic equipment
    • - Navy radar system
    • - NETLIST
    • - Oscillator
    • - Power supplies
    • - Radars
    • - Receivers
    • - RF amplifier
    • - RF electronic systems
    • - RF military equipment
    • - SATCOM
    • - Sea Sparrow Missile
    • - Search radar
    • - Sentinel radar
    • - SINCGARS
    • - Sonar
    • - SPAWAR
    • - SPS-49
    • - Submarine Sonar
    • - Tactical and Communication Radios
    • - Telecommunications
    • - TPS-43, TPS-59, TPS-63, TPS-70, TPS-75
    • - Transmitter
    • - UPX-23, UPX-27
    • ?-Waveguides
    • ?
    For more information please visit the List of Defense Equipment repaired and supported by Ensil.
    For a complete list please contact us at
  • 27. What manufacturer's products does Ensil repair and support?

    Acuson Medical
    Allen Bradley
    Allied Signal
    Babcock and Wilcox
    Barber Colman
    Bausch & Lomb
    Bell Helicopter
    Bell Laboratories
    Boston Gear
    Eaton Leonard
    Fischer & Porter
    Ford Electronics
    General Dynamics
    General Electric
    General Instruments
    General Motors
    Johnson Controls
    Krauss Maffei
    Mcdonell Douglas
    Mercedes Benz
    Mori Seiki
    National Controls
    National Instruments
    Philips Medical
    Picker Medical
    Seiko Instruments
    Siemens Medical
    Sigma Controls
    Sony Industrial
    Space Dynamics
    Sun Microsystems
    TB Woods


  • 28. What defense manufacturer's products do you support?

    This is a partial list of the electronic manufacturers that Ensil can support, repair, test and refurbish:
    - BAE Systems Inc.
    - Boeing Co.
    - CACI International Inc.
    - Computer Sciences Corp.
    - Dell Computer Corp.
    - DRS Technologies Inc.
    - General Dynamics Corp.
    - Harris Corp.
    - Hewlett-Packard Co.
    - ITT Corp.
    - Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.
    - KBR Inc.
    - L-3 Communications Corp.
    - Lockheed Martin Corp.
    - Northrop Grumman Corp.
    - Raytheon Co.
    - Rockwell Collins
    - Science Applications International Corp.
    - United Technologies Corp.
    - URS Corp.
  • 29. What are Ensil’s Terms and Conditions?

    Click here?to read our Terms and Conditions in PDF form.
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